👋 Hi! I'm a 15-year-old artist/engineer from Indonesia.

Hi there, I'm Andre Christoga Pramaditya (prum · uh · dit · ya), people usually call me Andre or mononymously drepram. I create art with logic, photos and sometimes my own mouth. My work revolves around the world of Software Engineering though at the time, I would spend my free time reading Absurd Philosophy. As of September 2019, I am residing in Indonesia.

I post unusual (sometimes?) thoughts on Twitter, does not use LinkedIn the right way, share some codes I wrote on GitHub, and posts photos of objects weekly on Instagram.

I track my music with Last.fm, shows the recent 18 tracks that I've played on moeziq and sometimes write about the things I've worked on Makerlog, and I also discuss stuff on dev.to, sometimes.

You can see my portfolio here, feel free to reach out to me via email with caxvis@gmail.com, and you could encrypt messages for me using my Keybase key.